Abide…say, what?

When you hear the word ABIDE what do you think?
Some people automatically think of the scriptures whereas others think of the phrase “our humble abode.”
I thought of a sermon I heard went I first to college.
It was an encouragement sermon mainly for freshmen and seniors to stay and to abide by the tent of God’s presence. It was from Exodus 33:7-11. Freshmen so they wouldn’t go crazy with all the “freedom” of being at college away from mom and dad. Seniors so they would stay strong in their faith as they persevered in their studies.
He focused mainly on v. 11 where Joshua would not depart from the tent of the Lord – even AFTER Moses, the prophet of the Lord, had returned to camp.
To me that is what it means to abide, to stay when no one else has stayed.
I think of Hannah, Samuel’s mother and how she stayed in the temple so much that the priest thought she was drunk. To be so saturated with God’s presence that people who aren’t used to seeing it or experiencing it do not recognize who you are.
Abiding means as a verb
1) To accept or bear (someone or something bad, unpleasant, etc.)
2) To stay or live somewhere
3) To remain or continue
Abide: transitive verb
1) To wait for (await)
2) To endure without yielding (withstand)/to bear patiently (tolerate)
3) To accept without objection
Abide: intransitive verb
1) To remain stable or fixed in a state
2) To continue in a place (sojourn)/ to conform to/to acquiesce in
Example: abide in the house of the Lord
Abiding: adjective
1) Continuing for a long time: not changing
Abiding: full definition
Enduring, continuing

These are the definitions that we will start with the delve into the deep and yet simple topic of abiding in Jesus, abiding in God all the time. There is some practical suggestions in the lessons to come but let me EMPHASIS that this is YOUR relationship with Jesus and it isn’t going to look like mine, the examples given here. It is going to look like you and Jesus and His specific plan for you life.

Abide with Him as you worship, as you live out your normal life – quiet and evenly paced or fast with loud shouts of joy. God doesn’t care as long as it directed at Him so that we are worshippers in spirit and in truth.

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