To fight or not to fight

Abide: intransitive verb (just an action, nothing receives the action)
1) To remain stable or fixed in a state
2) To continue in a place (sojourn)/ to conform to/to acquiesce in
We had been talking about how abiding is an action and that we were applying that action to the Lord – to wait on the Lord, to endure for Him without yielding to our flesh
But there is more than just waiting as in time-wise. We touched a little on it before of waiting and serving. There was a little vagueness I think when it came to how to do both.
I hope this clears it up – when you abide in your own house you aren’t always working (doing the dishes, vacuuming, lawn work, fixing something, etc.) there are times when you relax. Watch TV, read a book, play a game, or whatever.
It is the same when we live or abide in Jesus. There are times of great action (serving at the church, your ministry that God has called you to, personal devotion time, intercession) and then there are times of relaxing in the Lord (Be still and know that I am God – Psalm 46:10) which would just being in His presence and letting His Holy Spirit come in and invade our lives.
It cannot always be one or the other – it is a balance of keeping your spiritual house clean much like your physical house clean. And one action is constantly leading to the next.
Once you have finished all the work it is time to relax and in that time of relaxation things become messy again and you have to get back to work. But if you totally skipped the relaxation part you would become burned out, tired, emotional, frazzled, and eventually non-useful UNTIL you got back into the relaxation phase.
Yet on the other hand, if all you did as relax then you wouldn’t know how to work. You wouldn’t appreciate the relaxation time, you wouldn’t have any stamina to work.
These are both the same with ministry and just everyday life with God. We have to constantly oscillate between the times of action and the times of rest.
Warriors on the physical battlefield get some rest in between the times of battle and it is the same with God’s warriors. Yet they still must fight. We must still fight. (1Timothy 6:12, Joshua 10:25)
But this lesson is not about relaxing the Lord – I think we have been comfortable in the Lord for far too long. I am not saying to give up on the Lord, but what I am saying is that it is time for us to stop with the same-old same-old of our lives with God.
There is nothing wrong with routine but there is something very wrong with being so comfortable with not-connecting with God that when He shows up we don’t like it.
God should be the only one to never change – Psalm 55:19, Malachi 3:6 – We should be the one to change to Him, in whatever circumstance He puts us in. If we do not change WITH GOD then we lose the fear of God that should be there, we lose our relationship with Him, we lose that chance to talk with God face-to-face.

Unless of course you don’t want that. Which is understandable, God will come upon you like a sunburn – everyone sees it, like they did with Moses. And it is going to hurt but with God’s burn you are so much better for it. You are cleansed, your life is not ebbing away (He stopped the bleeding), and you are now marked by Him. Like Isaiah in his vision (Isaiah 6:1-7)
This choice to NOT want to know God on a face-to-face level is such a silly and unwise decision so I pray you don’t make it.


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