Sorry for the delay

My apologies for the almost two-month delay between posts.

I haven’t given up teaching nor have I given up on being with Jesus.

Since the new year – oh my gosh, the new year, that was the last one! – so many things have occurred.

While that is not an excuse it is the reason.

God has been dealing with me on several things, the main one being my next topic – abiding.

I found it to be very difficult to post and still claim to be abiding in the Lord. But as you go through the lessons, you’ll see my error in that line of thinking as well as many more good things that the Holy Spirit wants us to put into practice.

As a church body, we are learning this and putting it into practice the best we can because we are expecting a great revival to break out in our church, our city, our county, state, and country. We just don’t want to catch the wave started elsewhere, we are believing it to start here, with us. Revival cannot start corporately if it doesn’t first start with each one of us.

Revival, as we have discussed before, is where we refresh our love life with Jesus. Now I do not mean love life as in sex – of course if you are having sex outside of marriage, that is sexual immorality and is not in line with God’s Word. But what I mean is the life based off of Jesus’ love, needs to be refreshed from our end.

So if I offended you, sorry but that means something is in your life that the Holy Spirit is pointing out because it shouldn’t stay. If I didn’t offend you and you would like to learn more on abiding, watch for the many lessons to come in the next several days so that you can begin to practically abide in the Lord even more than you do currently.


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