What do you want, really want?

Do we want God to continue to show compassion upon us Isaiah 30:18 – undeserved compassion – as we rebel even more as we wait for others to experience pending doom (this would be hell i.e. eternity away from God’s presence)?
Do we want to sit there with a coke as God brings up a plant to shade us from the sun to watch our enemies be destroyed? So that we can then become hysterically angry when the plant dies and the sun begins to beat down on us? Jonah 4:5-11
Or do we want to go into the task before us – which could be as simple as spend more time with God instead of the TV – with great rejoicing and then when the compassion of God falls on us and our enemies we can rejoice even more? Philippians 4:4
Even if the task is not easy, we should be rejoicing that God is putting us through the refiner’s fire to burn away the chaff and reveal only that which is pure. Isaiah 48:10, John 3:17, James 1:2-4
Every one of us is going through some refining fire – let us not forget this either. I may be dealing with slothfulness in my time with God while my friend is going through being addicted to reading other books that take away from spending time with God. 2 Corinthians 3:18
This is why showing the compassion of God to others – sinner and saint alike – is so vital. To those who persecute you (the people you don’t like, who are mean to you, who consistently stab you in the back) and to those who bless you (the people who love on you) – both are deserving of God’s love. Romans 12:14-15
This is what Jonah missed, we can’t miss it. For their sake, we cannot miss this – that God showed His love to all and Jesus shed His blood to cover EVERY SINGLE PERSON’S sins. 1 John 4:19
Believe me when I tell you that it is important to never forget to show God’s love because you never know who and when they might be impacted.
Over the past few weeks, work has become a little more stressed as far as time sensitive things to be done have come up and I was beginning to lose my cool – I could feel it.
It was a noticeable change within me and I hated it. I was trying sooo hard to fight it and some days would be better than others but overall – I was losing this battle. I had all the head knowledge and lots of experience with this kind of thing, but it was a new level of enemy fire ( I had been taken from glory to glory and as Joyce Meyer says “higher level, higher devil”) and I desperately need break through.
Well it came – and this is why I tell you we CANNOT miss showing God’s love to all – and it was someone who I don’t particularly care working with coming to my office right in the middle of one of my temper tantrums with God. So I was all riled but she came in and opened my door and said “Can I talk to you?” She proceeded to start to cry and tell me that she had just be chewed out by someone who is nasty to all and that she was thankful to me for always being nice and never getting frustrated with her. She said I above anyone else had the reason to be frustrated with her and I never showed it to her and she was thankful.
AND THAT right there is why we need to show compassion and love – even when we are fighting for every inch of victory and do not feel like smiling or praising or praying – at all times because GOD IS LOVE! To us, to them, to everyone!
When we have God’s love in our hearts, we just exude it (no matter how we feel) and it affects people and they react like the king of Ninevah.
Don’t miss the point and become a Jonah or stay a Jonah – sacrifice that hatred, that pride, that condemning spirit, a judging attitude, a gossiping spirit, anger, whatever that is keeping you from truly showing and believing in God’s love to God.
You have not gone too far and you haven’t been that way for too long to turn back – do not let the enemy deceive you. Return to your first love, God.


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