Repentive harvest

Jonah 3:3-5 “Jonah obeyed the word of the Lord and went to Ninevah. Now Ninevah was a very important city – a visit required three days. On the first day, Jonah started into the city. He proclaimed: “Forty more days and Nivenah will be overturned.” The Ninevites believed God. They declared a fast, and all of them, from the greatest to the least put on sackcloth.”
Do you notice the threes in this story? There are three threes: three days, three nights in the whale and now the city takes three days to get through.
God can do a lot in three days! The first two threes is where He changes the attitude of Jonah’s heart. Jonah would not go to Ninevah at all – He wanted them dead with no chance of redemption. But in the midst of the seaweed in the fish’s belly, Jonah realizes that the vow he made to be a prophet for the Lord, he has to make good on it.
That took a lot – we have discussed how the Ninevites were deplorable to the Israelites and how it is completely and humanly rational to not want to go and save them. To us it would be ministering to ISIS – just why??
But with God, anything is possible. Matthew 19:26
This last three is three days to go through the city. Now if the first two threes were difficult o change one man’s heart and conditioned mind to despise an entire nation, what about changing an entire nations’ heart and conditioned mind to despise the supreme God of their hated enemy?
But God is amazing in everything He does. He sent Jonah to warn them from His pending wrath and He knew that the time was ripe for Ninevah’s repentive harvest.
In three days the entire nation put on sackcloth – not just a remnant, but the entire nation! Jonah was obedient to the calling the Lord put on him and look at the harvest that brought about!
If you don’t think being obedient will reap any benefit at all, look at Jonah’s testimony here! “Yeah I ran from the Lord, but I came back and finally did what He asked me to do and the whole city gave their hearts to the Lord.”
Obviously he did not revel in that, because he still wanted them dead – we see that at the end of chapter four – but let us not follow in that example!
I encourage you that whenever you see the Lord’s mighty power come through in someone’s life – REJOICE! Don’t just sit there and go ‘well what about me? I’ve been obedient! And I ain’t got nothing!’
Romans 12:15 encourages us to rejoice with those who are rejoicing and mourn with those who are mourning. Don’t flip flop them! You don’t want to be rejoicing when everyone is mourning – that would be something the devil would do. “Yay there is sadness in the church! Woohoo!!” and don’t mourn when someone is rejoicing. “Oh man! She got healed by God…poopy!”
NO! Build you faith by knowing that God answers prayers and yours will not go unanswered.
Isaiah 62:6-12 is an encouraging set of verses that is a promise from the Lord! And He – Jesus – said that His word will never return to Him void! Isaiah 55:10-11 Praise Him for His promises!


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