Setting the atmosphere

I tried to shorten it…buuuuut it’s all just soooo good!!!Enjoy!

For life to be, there has to be an atmosphere to hold the necessary gases for us to live. For our spirits to thrive and to be in communion with the Holy Spirit (John 14:16), we need to have an atmosphere in our lives that is of the reverence of God. That atmosphere can then ‘hold’ or contain the Holy Spirit and all that He wants to do in our lives so that we may thrive and have life more abundantly as God desires us to have(John 10:10).
The day of Pentecost – they were praying for hours before the Holy Spirit was poured out on them. Which means that the atmosphere was SET, the conditions were perfect, their hearts were receptive and open for the Holy Spirit to come in. They were willing to be overtaken by the Holy Spirit, to experience the joy of speaking in a unknown to them language and to see tongues of fire on each other’s heads. (Acts 2:1-13)
How weird would that be for us; to see one another with tongues of fire on top of each others’ heads? Yet they were willing and open to seeing that because of many things. One of which was that the atmosphere was set and they had made that choice to set the atmosphere.
Paul and Silas in prison singing praises to God when an angel and earthquake were sent to open the doors. This is after they have been doing the Lord’s work, released a girl from a demon of fortune-telling, arrested falsely, beaten, flogged and then put in prison. They had every right to just hush and turn to bitterness because they were physically punished for doing God’s work, but they didn’t. The two of them had set the atmosphere in their hearts and then that manifested into wherever they were at to have the Holy Spirit send an angel to come let them out via an earthquake. They were also open to staying for the sake of the jailor and his family. The only way that they would e open to both is if – and they had – set the atmosphere within their hearts and then made that come into reality. (Acts 16:22-36)
When we keep an atmosphere of worship in our lives, it opens the door to allow the spirit to come in at any point and take up visible residence. I was at work this past week and I had given my office for a few minutes to someone who needed a quiet place and I was sitting with the doctor I work for, who is a Mormon. Well through our time working together, he has discovered I go to church, that my father is a pastor, and he knew I was going to the Experience conference this past weekend. He was curious about it and asked me. WELL hello open door! The Holy Spirit took up manifest in that small office and allowed a way for even just a small portion of the gospel to come out and prayerfully touch his life. This was a normal point in the day – so be open and willing to have the Holy Spirit open up any point in your life.
When you have company coming over – you’re expecting them – and you want to make sure your house is clean and dinner will be ready the moment they arrive. You are setting the atmosphere for a lovely and stress-free night.
Well we should be expecting the Holy Spirit at all times for Him to take up manifest in our lives. For Him to be able to do so, we need to get our house in order. Clean it, make sure our hearts are ready so that when He comes in, there isn’t anything to worry about or stress over that He might not like/discover.
A physical way to set the atmosphere is to have worship music playing or a sermon or the word of God on audio playing whenever you are and are not home. Mine is constantly playing so that when I come home, the atmosphere of the house is already primed. Even while I am not there, praise and worship goes to the King from that house and welcomes the Holy Spirit so that when I join in with what is already there, I am that much closer to my Father. Or you could turn the music off and simply pray out loud, talking to God about everything. The Word encourages us to be constantly in prayer. So when you are putting the dishes away or doing the laundry, instead of complaining about how much there is or thinking on all the stuff that you have to do (over and over and over – it is good to have a list of things to be done), pray. Pray in the Spirit, sing (however out of tune you are and with whatever words you have in your heart ), thank him that you have a purpose within your own house, basically while you are doing whatever you have to do, praise Him.
In order for me to jump right in though, I have to keep the atmosphere set in my own life. Constantly primed for any and every opportunity that the Holy Spirit may just show up. This means constant surrender, constant dying to self. On Wednesday, I had like the worst morning. I woke up tired, my shower took so long, breakfast burnt, my hair wouldn’t cooperate, I left late, and then I spilled coffee (thankfully not blazing hot) all down one side of my cute outfit, so I had to run back in and change. Picked a shirt that was slightly see through (didn’t realize it) and just had a horrible morning. HOWEVER when I finally arrived at work, I sat down at my desk and said “God, I have had a morning…but I am giving you the rest of my day to be as glorious for your name as I can muster.” I could have easily fallen into “Well this is just going to be a horrible day. I’ve just accepted it and going to let it be miserable.” BUT NO! When you set the atmosphere in your life, it matters not what happens – you have the Holy Spirit taking up residence in your spirit at all times, in all situations.
I didn’t forget that we need to keep our house in order (2 Kings 20:1Isaiah 38:1) for this to occur without stress or anxiety. These would be caused by sins lurking around the corner that we have not yet put under the blood of Jesus. That addiction or feeling or activity that you do that no-one else knows about – other than God that is – is not subtle. It would be like a stench that fills the Holy Spirits nostrils or a huge pile of dishes that you didn’t do when He showed up.
Can you imagine? Trying to have a nice evening, and all your guest can focus on is the pile of dishes or stench instead of what you’re saying to them.
I hate being ignored and I can tell when my answer to a question has gone unnoticed. I either shut down completely or get frustrated “Aren’t you paying attention??” Well it isn’t that the Holy Spirit wants us to stop talking to him or to be frustrated with Him, but he literally cannot be around the unholy and when you are ‘hiding’ your sin, He cannot stay.
So when you have that in your life, He sees it and cannot be around it. You wouldn’t meet with Him as you expected and set your time up for. Instead you could walk away frustrated that the Holy Spirit didn’t meet with you, that you were stood up by the Holy Spirit.
God doesn’t want that for you. He wants to meet with you, He wants to spend quality time with you and in order for that to be fully accomplished, we have got to be willing to let Him convict us (1 Thessalonians 1:4-7) and show us what is bothering the both of us. Once He says something, we have a choice to either get rid of it (to put the dishes in the dishwasher and turn it on) or to just continue to sweep it under the rug like it isn’t there(hide it without taking care of the dirty dishes).
Yet if we constantly set the atmosphere in our lives, this doesn’t happen as drastically or as often. This choice. When we constantly are setting the atmosphere, keeping our priorities in line with God’s priorities then we are never surprised at the sin. We are more willing to cleanse it and have a nice evening with the Lord or whatever time it is (breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, etc.).


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