Seeing and hear the Word

**These are the last three from the four ways we were discussing of how God speaks to us. Yu can read the intro and first one – audible voice – in ‘Do you hear what I hear?’**

He uses visuals because He knows there are some visual learners in His flock. It has to be communicated through a painting or a dance or a dream or a vision for them to understand the concept. Hence Jesus used parables, to paint a verbal picture using references and cultural contexts so that his flock would understand. I don’t have the ‘rules’ or ‘well if this happened, this is a God dream’ regarding this other than that God said He would give us dreams and visions (Joel 2:28). David danced before the Lord and while it caused Michal to despise Him, it inspired the people to follow God more earnestly (2 Samuel 6:14-16). If you remember Rachel’s painting (the picture attached); that brought forth emotions within me that caused me to worship my King. God is not a feeling, I know this. But God does use our emotions, He wouldn’t have given them to us if He didn’t want us to experience them and use them for His glory.
I already touched a little on when God uses people, I still strongly encourage that whenever a word is spoken over your life…test the spirit (1 John 4:1). Even if you know the person really well, test it to make sure that it has not negative consequences. A word from the Lord could be spoken and you take it the wrong way. I could take some of the words spoken to me over the years and allow them to puff up my ego…but I test the word. I’m not saying the word of the Lord is detrimental to my life, but how I took it. That being said, sometimes when we are being stubborn, God has to use people that are willing to speak His word to get through our thick skulls. If you say you aren’t stubborn, just wait until God asks you to do something you really don’t want to do. Then come talk to me – you’re stubborn.
If God is wanting you to speak out, then you must be willing to overcome your pride – that sense of God is using me to speak over them…No, God is speaking over them and you’re merely another mode of communication – and go to that person. It is a two-party gig: the receiver has to be willing to accept it with testing and the giver must be willing to give it. Pastors are also a good example of this. We all have had this happen to us where we are sitting in service and everything coming from the pastor’s mouth is hitting each and every nail you could possibly have – hidden or not – right on the head. The two-party gig still applies.
The last one God gave me for this, is His Word. You’ve heard Pastor Bob speak about how something leaps off the page at him, God’s Word is living and spirit-inspired (2 Timothy 3:16). In order for this mode of communication to even attempt to begin to occur, there is one step you must take…open the Word and read it/put it on audio. This past week something leaped out at me – confirmation for a different scripture – while I was listening to the Word. God’s Word is alive and He uses it to communicate to us (Hebrews 4:12). It is His love letter to us. His heart and plan for our lives are written on those pages.
What if you and your significant other were spending time together, and he/she said “Remember in my letter I said…?” “Uhhh…yeah? Totally…really touched me.” They’re going to know you’re lying like a rug, God wants to know His Word so He can speak to us through it so we can know for sure it is Him.
Please understand, one of these is not better than the others. God speaks to us in all these manners but He knows which one speaks to you, personally, best. For me it is 1)audible 2) Word/visual 3) people. Not gloating just saying for me, I hear more than I see or receive from people BUT God communicates to me in all facets, each one supporting the others. Yours is different from mine, in order to match your specific learning style/personality.
In order to figure out your specific order/combination, you’ve got to do some tuning. When you are tuning a radio to the station you desire, you don’t rush through it. When you tune an instrument, it takes time. You’ve got to listen for any changes or discrepancies. It is even more so with God. We can be so easily swayed that we have to take the time to come into tune with God. We must be purposefully in this otherwise we will get static that interferes with God’s message. That would be when we misinterpret it, we don’t get the results promised or desired, then we blame God.
Take time – however long it takes – to tune into God and ask Him how He speaks to you best, the method of communication that you receive best.


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