Do you hear what I hear?

**This is going to be broken down by the four different parts. This is just the intro  and part 1: audible voice**

Last week we talked about setting the atmosphere for the Holy Spirit to come into our lives and our homes so that when we come together we are more powerful as a group, church body, congregation, whatever you want to call us.
We spent some time on abiding in Christ, taking the time to actually wait on the Lord. Don’t put a time limit on it because God does not move to our timetables, but His. This is vital. Why else would you even set the atmosphere for Him to come/manifest himself in your live and how else would you hear from God?
I can’t make you wait on God. I can sometimes barely make myself wait, so I know I’m not going to make you. But the Holy Spirit will, in whatever way He speaks to you and urges you to do something.
Which is what we are talking about today, discovering how God speaks to you. *Disclaimer* I do not have a specific answer for anyone as to how God speaks to you best, but what I can tell you is that is different for everyone.
I liken it to music. When I scan the radio stations there are many different options that I can choose from. Such as rock, country, pop, jazz, classical, rap, etc. Now all of those are considered music on a grand scale – the person is singing to a rhythm with instruments or back-up vocals or it is just different pitches to a beat. Personal opinion aside, we can agree that these are all considered music generally, yes?
Well now when you bring personal opinion or preference into it, there is going to be some discrepancies. But if the music is worshipping God, then it shouldn’t matter. For me, I listen to, enjoy, and even worship to all genres…except country. But that’s me, I’m not gloating – I am saying that when God is being glorified by them I want to join in (John 4:24) . I’m sure if you put a country worship song on I could get past my personal opinion – die to self – because God is God. But by no means is it the number one choice/preference I have.
It is the same with God. God speaks to each one of us through many different facets. I am not saying that God is in different religions and that He has spoken to them – NO. Jesus Christ is THE Way, THE Truth, and THE Life. (John 14:6) That means He alone is God. (Isaiah 37:16)
But God communicates to us in many different ways. He speaks in an audible voice, visually as through dance or a painting or dreams or visions, through people (generally when there is a word spoken over me…I look for confirmation(s). IF it rings true with what God is saying to me in my personal time and I haven’t told anyone about it,that would be a confirmation. It could be that the same word is spoken by two or three different people in close time to one another – test every spirit), and His Word.
If I have forgotten one, forgive me. These are the four He gave me.
For the audible voice, it is full of authority (Revelation 1:15; Psalms 29:9). Even when softly spoken –still, small voice (1 Kings 19:12) – it has authority. Sometimes He has to be a little more forceful with us – but never more than we can handle, we won’t be yelled at if we couldn’t handle it.
This audible communication is interpreted in our mind…but what if we misinterpret? Or we ‘aren’t sure’ we heard from God? Well we need to focus our mind back on God and let him de-muddle our brain. (Romans 12:2) We are to renew our mind daily. If you only renewed a classic care once…sooner or later you would have a rust bucket all over again. It is a continuous process…our minds are constantly bombarded with crap from the world and we need to constantly to renew our mind from all of that so that we can tell which is our voice, the devil’s lies, and God’s amazing truths.
Our voice will sometimes seem like God’s, and it looks like you are justifying something – that’s you. The devil’s lies will always be revealed when you renew your mind. And God’s voice, is most often something we don’t inherently want to do. It will always ring true with His word, always. I encourage a renewed mind, a Bible soaked mind, and open spirit to determine which voice is speaking.

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