There is liberty

I broke FREEDOM into 2 parts, this is the second one. Right where FREEDOM leaves off…enjoy 🙂

A good example of someone who was so enveloped by the Spirit that he couldn’t help himself from praising, or rather prophesying. 1 Samuel 19:18-24
This when Saul is trying to kill David while David is meant to minister to Saul and David runs to Samuel, God’s prophet, and seeks refuge there. So Saul hears about this and is basically throwing a temper tantrum and says bring them both to me. Well any time someone went near them while they were prophesying from the Lord – they were under the Spirit – they would join in, regardless of their position or their feeling. So Saul just gets fed up with waiting and goes after them himself. ‘Don’t send a boy to do a man’s job’ kind of thing. Well Saul comes in all hot and bothered, probably angry about the fact that he has to go get them but he is also angry with David and Samuel, angry enough to want to kill them both. Well Saul starts prophesying with them! All the ones that were sent before him and the prophets and Samuel and David that had been there since the beginning, and Saul comes under the Spirit and begins to worship God.
Just in case you missed it, Saul DID NOT FEEL or WANT to worship the Lord BUT where the Spirit is there is liberty. And Saul is a perfect example of when the Spirit is there, you have the complete freedom to worship past or through your feelings, your preferences, and your situations.
This past week, something very painful happened in my life, but that is NOT going to stop me from praising my God and King because He is worthy! God is worthy of our praise!
God has freed you from so much and He wants you to live in His holy and freely given freedom. You are free from stress, free from worry or anxiety, free from sin, free from doubt, free from anger, and free from fear.
If you’re too stressed about your finances, your health, your house, or you job – God has set you free from that! You do not have to carry that because He has already taken it from you!
If you’re worried or anxious about anything (Philippians 4:6), God has already overcome the world (John 16:32-33)and has taken that from you. Stop picking it back up! And if you’re insistent on picking it up, then stop complaining about it! Sorry, but not sorry. You keep picking it up when you don’t have to, you then have no right or cause to complain about it.
If you’re stuck on a sin – un-forgiveness, addiction (to whatever), laziness, anger, etc. – you are free from that (Romans 6:7, 18-22)! Jesus didn’t go to the cross so you could keep doing that which put Him there! I’m not stupid in thinking you won’t ever sin again…that only happens in heaven. But you do not have to habitual about it.
Do you doubt yourself or what God has done for you? Guess what, you’re free from that too! I used to think I’m no-body and have nothing to offer God. If you think/thought that, let me encourage you – you are somebody! You are a daughter/son of the King (Romans 8:17) and you have your very life to offer the King (Matthew 10:39)!
Are you angry with the world? People? Yourself? Well you are loved, God loves you (1 John 4:19; Revelation 1:5). If He loves you and you’re spiritually ugly without Him (Isaiah 64:6), how ugly is everyone else? Then instead of being angry with people, love them (Matthew 22:36-40). Yes I have to apply this in my own life at work.
Are you afraid of the future (Isaiah 41:10)? The Lord gave us a spirit of love and of a sound mind, not one of fear (2 Timothy 1:7). God has you, He is your protector and you are free to live life under His protection.
You see God has freed you from all of this and He has freed you to live in His kingdom. When you live in His Kingdom you receive all the benefits of it. His benefits exceed my ability to communicate. People think His kingdom is all rules, rules, rules. He does have boundaries so you can experience freedom from sin.
When you live according to the devil’s rules (he has rules to – basically don’t do anything God wants you to do) you experience all the consequences of it. Sickness, death, fear, anger, pain, heartache, confusion, I mean the list just goes on.
But God has freed you from all of this, when you live in His freedom you experience the ability to worship Him regardless of what is going on!
God has given you freedom! I have another homework assignment for you I want you to take the phrase “Freedom in Christ” and say it every day. Post it somewhere you will see it every day if you feel silly saying it. Shout it if saying it isn’t enough. God wants you to love in His freedom. If you need blue paint for your face to shout it, we can get you some.
Be free this week in God’s freedom!


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