Play in the meadows

So we talked about how and what you should do to walk and live life in the freedom of Christ, but I’m going to illuminate a couple benefits of why we should do this.
The how and what to do is to move past our own standards – those hindrances and blockades within our personal preferences as to how things should be in order for the Spirit to move. Lots of dying to self (Luke 9:23), which is non-optional by the way.
In order for us to be fully effective to the Lord, so He can work through us we have to get over our own selves. This applies to everything – our finances, who we associate with, pride/shyness of talking to people (I encourage WISDOM on how/when/what to speak – I’m referring to us not being willing when the Holy Spirit prompts us), our time, pretty much anything we have an opinion about – God wants us to give up our opinions and our thoughts and to take on his opinions and thoughts (Isaiah 55:9).
But the why we should do this, is that it is the greatest joy we could ever experience. From the first time we accepted Jesus into our hearts to when we enter into eternity, living in Jesus’ freedom is so joyful. The first time we first experience Jesus’ love and freedom, we give Him everything. Psalms 28:7, Nehemiah 8:10
I remember when I recommitted my life to the Lord, I didn’t worry about anything. I was so trusting in Him. I remember talking with my dad as I was working and he was very concerned about obtaining money for the next semester and I said “Dad! God put me here for a reason; He is going to provide a way.” I could hear the father in his voice as he said “I know, but we still need to act with wisdom.”
Well as more and more things or distractions came into my life, my path, my view I began to worry about things. I began to stop trusting in the Lord about things and soon was a great big ole’ mess all over again. But now as I continually give over new things to Him, living in constant surrender, the freedom that comes with this is something that cannot be compared to.
I do not worry about where the money to pay for my multiple bills comes from because God has put me in a job and enabled me to produce wealth. I honor Him for that and in my money so that is a continued freedom I enjoy. I do not worry for my safety in Titusville as I live out there totally alone now because I know my God will never leave me nor forsake me (Deuteronomy 31:6-8). He stands guard as I sleep because I honor Him in that house and in my life away from the house. I do not worry about what people think of me because they already think I’m nuts.
Anyone I come into contact with – who doesn’t know me – they all have this same look in their eye. “Who are you and what have you been smoking?” Even Christians! At the conference this past week I was myself and said something to the café worker and that look was there – people look at me like nuts all the time. Well when you live in the freedom of Christ, you will come into contact with people who have not experienced this freedom and therefore think you are crazy.
Living in this freedom is something like a child in a meadow of flowers (Matthew 5:28-29). The vision I saw when I was thinking about this and praying about this was a little girl in a field (I always see a little girl in all my visions because that is how I want my spirit to be when trusting the Lord – childlike faith…and I’m a girl sooo little girl) and her dad is there. But this field has all of these beautiful wild flowers of many different colors growing all together. The field is just covered with these flowers and extends over many hills and has some forests around it. The girl is laughing and running through the field loving these flowers and just having a fantastic time all the while her father is watching her. He is getting such pleasure from her as she enjoys the field but he is also watching the hills and the nearby forest edge around her to make sure no one or animal is lurking and hunting his baby.
That is what this freedom in Christ is about, this joy. We are delighting ourselves in God’s presence and He is enjoying us as we enjoy Him but He is also looking out for any storm or attack that could be coming. When it does come – do not deceive yourself into thinking it won’t come – but our father is right there, ready to defend us, ready to fight for us and we are ready to fight with him (1 Timothy 6:12) because this attack is trying to ruin our joy with Him. When something tries to come in and ruin my joy, I fight it. I fight like I’m fighting for my life because without this freedom, with Jesus there is no life (John 14:6).

Fight for the freedom God has given to you. Don’t give it freely over to the devil through the problems of this world.


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