Will you see?

A continuation from “Can you see?” discussing the definition

[A new production of an old play or similar work]

“Are we willing to give Him that new representation?” this is right where “Can you see?” ended

You walk around in the confidence that God is in control of everything! I was talking with a friend at work and she asked me a very personal question and I was not ashamed of my answer. It was kind of awkward for a second, because she thought I was judging her but I said ‘for me, it is great freedom. I never have to worry about this or that because I don’t do that.’ When God is in control and you have given Him your life and everything in it, there is great freedom!

We don’t have to walk around depressed, stuck in a routine, dead in our faith, bound by rules but instead we share God’s love wherever we go with simple gestures and just by our very presence. We live according the boundaries God set in place so that we could experience freedom. We experience great freedom and strength from knowing that we have given Him our everything, and we are allowing Him to work His miracles in our lives.

When we begin to control things or take the reins that is when our blessings get thwarted, when the revival is stopped dead in its tracks. The devil doesn’t do that, we do that when we say “Lord, do you mind? Let me show how it is done” and we get in God’s way from working His revival in our spirits and in our families and in our churches and our lives.

You may be thinking ‘well the bible says that the devil comes to steal, kill, and destroy so how can you say that the devil doesn’t do that?’ First you’re right. The Bible does say that (John 10:7-10), the Bible also says to “Submit to God’s authority, resist the devil and he shall flee from you” (James 4:7)

So…the devil will try to steal your joy from you, he will try to kill your peace, he will try and destroy your blessings BUT – and here is the freedom – when we are completely submitted to God, the devil cannot do those things. Unless you let him. Him fleeing is the third part of that verse “Submit to God, resist the devil, and he shall flee from you.”

And second, if it was really precious to you – your joy, your peace, your blessing – you would do everything in your power to protect it from harm, safeguard it from robbers, and cherish it because you deem it valuable. When we forget that those things – whatever they are (I just picked those three because those are very important to me, and they are things we all desire) – are gifts to be loved from the Lord that is when we allow the devil to come in and nip away and finally just take the cake from you.

However, when you live in a constant awareness of God, allowing Him to do His miracles in your life by not trying to control things then the devil cannot be successful. God is then successful in working not only in your life, but also creating testimony that is meant to be shared to bolster other people’s faith. Thereby giving them a way to open their own lives open to His miracles and thus the cycle continues.

God wants to encourage you to be open to Him, so He can have a new representation by You so that others are drawn to His goodness and grace.

“Do not allow your carnal mind to dictate what My Spiritual Mind has in plan for you. Allow my spirit to flow through you and show you the things I am capable of when you do not hinder me. Remember, just as the oak stands the test of time when hollow, so must you be so that I can work through you. Allow the miracles to take manifest around you. Can you see? Will you see?”

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