Thus sayeth the Lord

Thus sayeth the Lord
A rediscovery of what I can do. You may think my miracles are of old, but they are fresh and here and now. I told you I would do greater things, a new production of things I have already done and more so. To see this new production of my ‘old’ miracles, to see greater things you have to be willing to see it. Are you willing to see my revival come to you? To your house? To your church? To your family? This isn’t something you can just say yes to because of the class, it is something that must come from your heart. Rend me your hearts and not your garments. I alone can tell the difference. Will you see? Can you see?

(Joel 2:12-14, Proverbs 24:12)

Do not allow your carnal mind to dictate what My Spiritual Mind has in plan for you. Allow my spirit to flow through you and show you the things I am capable of when you do not hinder me. Remember, just as the oak stands the test of time when hollow, so must you be so that I can work through you. Allow the miracles to take manifest around you. Can you see? Will you see?


These are from God Himself. To understand the full context of these please go to “Can you see?” and “Will you see?” but if you wish to just stay with these as is, that is acceptable as well as long as the Lord wills that.

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