Talk to God

This is something I think we as Christians forget. We pray constantly but God is looking for an intimate relationship with us and tha requires talking. Not always praying in formal language, with a formed prayer and a laundry list of requests. But you come to Him, much like you would a friend or lover whom you commune with regularly.
Talk to Him.
That is one of the biggest things I have discovered is what He is looking from us. For us to talk to Him. Prayer is needed as well – I’m not saying stop praying. I’m saying that talk to Him to about everything. He is your Heavenly Father, He wants to talk to you and you to talk to Him.
I imagine that someone is sitting there, not always my physical father but I imagine a man sitting there and I look him ‘in the eye’ and I talk to Him about my day, my feelings and we talk back and forth. But I give Him time to talk to me, I listen to Him. Even when you don’t think He is listening or talking to you, He is. Calm your heart before Him and wait.
I encourage you, after you have prayed and you feel like spending time in His presence, talk to God. Ask Him questions, laugh with Him, tell Him your fears or troubles from the day, involve Him in your everyday life. He’s already there, He just is waiting for you to invite Him o join in. You do that by making your relationship more intimate, by talking with the Lord.
Give Him time to respond as well. Don’t cut Him off. He always has something worth saying and it is worth waiting for His response.


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