Hit Repeat

This week we are going to delve into definition #2 (please see Starting Revival for all the definitions)
[An instance of something becoming popular, active, or important AGAIN]
I am in love with this definition in reference to Living in God’s Revival because it is an opportunity for a second chance. I would say that ‘my generation is all about second chances’ and yes it is…but I really think every generation, every human is all about second chances.
When we don’t get them, we become stingy on whom to give them out to but I encourage you that just as God’s gives you a second chance or third or 15 millionth chance that you give them out just as freely.
Lamentations 3:22-24
Matthew 18:21-23
This is great for when we come to forgiving people and giving them a second chance…but what about God? Not that we need to forgive Him for anything or that He needs a second chance for redemption or making a better impression – He is our redemption!
Ephesians 1:7-10
But we give Him a second chance to be first in our lives.
Matthew 10:32-39
He wants to be first in your quiet time and publically before men. I pray you declare publically before men when asked.
But I would like to focus in on Him being first in your quiet time. I’m not just talking about setting aside a time to sit in His presence – that is vital! If Jesus did it on a regular basis and He was 100% God, then how much more important is it for us to do it? Luke 6:12 and Luke 22:39 show He prayed alone, prayed a lot, and prayed regularly.
God was first in His life God needs to be in ours.
You may be thinking “I love the Lord. I have served Him for many years. He is first in my life.” I am happy and glad that you are boasting of the Lord (Galatians 6:14) and that you have kept Him first, but is He is first in EVERY portion of your life? Is He the Lord of everything you do? Everything you say? Everything you think?
I am going to be 100% bluntly honest because I know you can handle it and you should know that you can be the same way with me (I’m giving you permission) in that I have not overcome this even myself. There are times when the things in my mind are not of God in anyway shape or form. The things I do, I know are not of Him – and yet I do them anyway (Romans 7:15-20 explains this perfectly!). The things that come spewing from my mouth are not always covered with love…more like barbed wire.
But every morning He has new mercies for us, and when we cleanse ourselves before Him and worship Him we bring Him to forefront once AGAIN!
So we repent and come before Him, tell Him straight up (cause He knows) “God, I messed up. I left you and now I am trying to find you again. Will you show your face to me?” Just begin to tell Him how important He is. Remind Him of His word and tell Him who He is. He knows, but He wants to make sure we know who He is and worship Him for who He is.
Put Him first in your prayer life, your quiet time. Don’t just come and start complaining about your day or start bringing your laundry list of requests right off at the start. It isn’t a race. This isn’t a horse race where the gun goes off and you only have a lap to get all your requests, your praise, your repentance, and presence time in with God.
It is the tortoise in the tortoise and the hare. First start out with being in awe of God.
Matthew 6:9-13
If you were not thinking “I have served for many years, He is first…” but instead you were thinking…what does that even mean to bring Him into importance again? For Him to be popular in my life again? To be active in my life again? Guess what it means? You’re right, another choice!
I love choices, especially with God because if the wrong choice is made, it’s our fault! But this choice is will you choose to put Him first over everything? Over family? Over job? Over SLEEP? Over food? Over your pet? Over your finances?
Don’t worry, I still fail at this. I’m not perfect by any means.
But this choice is after you have already chosen the Lord, and have placed Him on the back burner for however long. A day, a week, a month, a year, a decade – it matters not. Again is again and for Him to be first in your life, you get to make that choice to put Him first again.
This is your second chance to bring Him to the forefront. When something is popular in your life, you talk about it a lot – HELLO! God will then be popular in your life and He will be all you can talk about!
He will be active in your life again! There is not a shadow of doubt about that because His Word says it!
Psalm 37:4
Isaiah 55:11
So whether you have been a servant for many years and just need to put Him first in areas you were hiding from Him or you have put Him completely on the back burner for however long, take this week to bring Him back to the front. To make Him popular and important in your life once again and He will then become active in your life once again (you will see His activity because He is always active in our lives
Romans 8:34
Do this constantly throughout the day, bring Him to the forefront of your mind, your heart, and worship Him in whatever you’re doing.
1 Corinthians 10:31


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