Everyone else is doing it!

W. Worshipper
A. Authority (under it)
R. Righteousness
R. Real
I. Influencer NOT influenced
O. On Fire
R. Radical love (walking in)
We can look at this and think of the negative connotation of it – peer pressure and all that, but God is looking at it from a different perspective from our own. While yes we need to be wary of peer pressure – even in our current time – because it can take shape in many different ways.
It can take shape of other ‘fad theology’ such as super grace or a new one that says “I’m God’s favorite” or as deeds to be done (social drinking, social media, whatever).
We’re talking about us influencing people to follow God’s Word more closely. To live more effective lives and to walk in God’s power.
We are to be like Jesus. Jesus just walked up to people and told them “Follow me” and they did. If that isn’t an example of being an influencer then I don’t know what is. Matthew 4:19, 8:22, 9:9; Luke 5:27, 9:59-61; John 1:43, 21:19
He was so at peace, so full of God, and so powerful that He only had to say two words for people to know He was the real deal. He wasn’t a Pharisee who looked down on them, he influenced them to follow him and thereby also become more like Him in the process.
The disciples weren’t the same after Jesus ascended and you can either attribute that to the three years they spent with him or you can attribute it to the Holy Spirit falling on them – I don’t care either way, only that because of Jesus they were influenced to be different. Luke 48-53; Acts 2:14
When was the last time you influenced someone to do the Godly thing? It makes people uncomfortable when you always do the right thing because then they want to do the right thing to make you feel uncomfortable. Or they get mad and do the wrong thing over and over trying to get you to slip up.
When I look back at my previous job I remember how people would gossip like it was air. Then I would walk into the room…you could hear a pin drop. Like “dang, she’s here. We can’t gossip anymore”
I’m not gloating, that is the way it was. But that is being an influence.
There is a lot of meaty stuff as to be an influence on people’s lives. If we want to be like Jesus’ example we need to look at His life.
He didn’t do anything without the Father’s say or prompting. He spent hours in prayer. He spoke with authority. He knew the Word. He never wavered from His mission or from what the Father told him to do.
He was 100% committed. And it showed. Luke 14:27, 18:22; John 8:12, 10:27, 12:26 (these show he was all in – no wavering) Matthew 14:23, 26:36-42; Mark 1:35, 6:46; Luke 6:12, 9:28, 22:39 (these show he prayed, a lot. Luke 22:39 NIV states “Jesus went out as usual to the Mount of Olives”)
That’s why it only took two words. That’s what led to people loving Him and others hating Him. When you never waver there will always be two sides; those with you and those vehemently against you.
2 Corinthians 2:15-17
God wants us to remember verse 17 that we aren’t peddling the word of God for a profit but simply because we love Him and His Word. As I listened to Dad on the radio on my way home (which doesn’t happen every often simply because of my hours) he was talking about being a partner with the radio ministry. But he said “I don’t do this because it benefits me financially. I do this because I love God’s Word”
And this is either going to make people love what you have to say or hate everything that comes out of your mouth including the air you breathe. I know many people around the county/state truly enjoy listening to dad on the radio and I’m sure there are others that as soon as they hear his voice are like “TURN HIM OFF!!!”
When we follow God’s word and just spend so much time with Him that our very presence that is so richly enveloped within Him just really makes people either draw to us or hate us.
And either way you are still being an influence!
God wants you to be an influence. And if you think, “Oh, I’m a Christian. No one could hate me, I’m so nice!”
NEWS FLASH: The world hates you. The devil hates you. John 15:18-19 states that the world indeed does hate you. But GOD loves you! God has chosen you out of the world!
The world hated Jesus first, it hates you because of Jesus. But just because they hated Jesus did NOT stop from doing what he was sent here to do. So…that shouldn’t stop you from doing what God has sent you to do. That shouldn’t stop you from being 100% committed to the calling on your life.
Is it? If yes, why? Only God can reveal it to you.
It is important to being an effective Warrior for God’s kingdom that we live 100% committed to Him. To be an influence to people for them to better follow God’s Word.
When we need soldiers in real life, we call on our best warriors to come out and rally the people to want to be a part of the military. We call out the best to come and influence those who are not yet a part to be a part.
This is no different. God is calling you out to be an influence to those who are not yet a part of God’s Kingdom to come on in and join the party!


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