Are you my mummy?

I went through this quickly as I ran out of time so let me explain.
• When God woke us up, we were bound by sleep clothes, depression, or death; plus all the things that get piled on and wrapped around us when we fall asleep.
• So we wake up and we have all these things wrapped around our hands and feet, our head, our shoulders, our torsos – we’re covered head to toe like a mummy.
• But God doesn’t want you to stay that way!
• He didn’t wake you up so you could stay EXACTLY the same as you were when you were asleep. That’s just nonsense. “I’m gonna wake you up but don’t you change a thing!”
• No God isn’t like that, He woke us up because He loves us too much to leave us like that.
• Therefore, we have to get rid of all the binding things around us.
o We can either do this by ourselves or we can ask someone we trust to pray with us to get that off of us. To gain the victory over that in our lives, to walk in the victory God has already won over that particular issue.
o Romans 8:31-39
So what comes after loosening yourself from the things that bound you on earth? Well once we are loosened on earth, we then are loosened in heaven. He said that anything we bind on earth will be bound in heaven AND what we loosen one earth will be loosed in heaven.
But what does that mean? To be loosed in heaven.
• It means we are not hindered by anything that may keep us from being powerful for God. From being infamous with Satan and his minions.
• Acts 20:12-20 This starts off with saying that God did miracles through Paul. Then it goes into the Seven sons of Sceva and the demon says “Jesus I know, and I know about Paul, but who are you?”
o Jesus they knew – they were up in heaven with him…so it makes sense.
o And Paul it says right before that the Lord was doing great things through Paul…so it makes sense.
o But then these guys come and the demon is like “Fool, I don’t know you!” I don’t want to be like that – I want to be loosened in heaven so that I can operate in God’s power here on earth so that the devil knows my name for the wrong reasons (from his perspective)
o That’s not the only thing to get from this! So after the sons of Sceva get their butts handed to them, it says that the Lord’s name was suddenly something of high honor. And the way of the Lord grew stronger!
o People gave up the things they knew were wrong – stopped sorcery, confessed their sins, and publicly denounced both for the Lord. So they got a huge wake-up call that they have to know God themselves in order to be effective and they gave up their earthly bonds!
• If you’re having trouble with letting go, you keep trying and trying to get rid of it. You’re aware that you need to get these things off you but you can’t do it on your own – ask God.
• Don’t just tell him “God, you’ve got to help me out.” He wants you to come and ask Him – He is our Heavenly Father and if we don’t demand things of our earthly fathers like that, how dare we do that our King and Heavenly Father?
• We come before him humbly, knowing that without Him we are and can do nothing but with Him all things are possible, so we ask “God will you help me? I know I cannot do this on my own, the only one I know I can rely on is you.”
What if you’re given a choice – this is a special one from God. Choices come all the time, we just don’t realize it.
• God’s choices are often ‘are you going to do that or are you going to spend time with me?’ We all know the answer should be “well spend time with you silly goose!” and we ALL know that the answer sometimes is “God, I’m going to do that then spend time with you” and spending time with Him never happens.
• We’re all guilty of it at least once in our lives – I’ll be honest, I’m guilty of it this past week. But when God gives us that choice He is standing at the doorway of our hearts.
• Revelation 3:19-21 He says that anyone who hears him and opens the door, that He will come in. But when he gives us that choice and we choose the other over Him, he is standing there like the perfect gentlemen “are you going to let me in?” you open the door and say “NO!” and slam the door in His face.
o You slammed the door on God and you never know if He had a little present for you and we still remain bound.
I imagine Him standing there with His hands behind His back holding this little gift for me and I open the door and I tell Him “go away” and He walks away saddened because not only did we not spend time together but He also didn’t give me His present. BUT if I open the door and say “Of course Lord! Come in, let us sit and talk” He then comes in and dines with us and he gets to give me His present and see my reaction to His present and this allows me to go out into the world with more power.
• This is the way of releasing those earthly bonds. Allowing him to come in and just staying with him is a way of unwinding yourself from those cloths and ropes wrapped around your hands and feet that are hindering you from God’s power.
• God wants us to search out hearts and see what we may not see as binding that is keeping us from walking in His power.
• Psalm 139:23 “Search me, O God, and know my heart; Try me, and know my anxieties; and see if there is any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting”
This is a shorter lesson because it is so important. We have a choice before us…

Continue being bound on earth and in heaven


Be loosened on earth and in heaven so that we can walk and operate in God’s power


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