Wake: to rouse from sleep; to arouse or to excite; to bring to life again
There are three categories of sleepiness that are here in the church (locally and globally)

This is part one of three part. Segmented as the three definitions listed above. I know, shocking dividing system. Who would have guessed I would do it that way 🙂

To rouse from sleep
There are some who have fallen asleep while on duty. We agree that we have been called, we answered, we’ve waited – whether we’ve waited for promises to be fulfilled or simply for Jesus to show himself to us/the church and we have fallen asleep
You’re not dry in your faith like a desert, just asleep. And it isn’t your commitment that you’re asleep in – you’ve stayed committed just like you always have – but in your faith, God says you’ve fallen asleep and He wants to wake you up!
I could show you of the bad things of not allowing Him to wake you up or listening to His many wakening calls such as:
Matthew 26:36-46 This is where Jesus wakes them three times and on the third time (v.45) he says “are you still sleeping and resting? Behold, the hour is at hand…” The disciples because they slept missed out on an opportunity to pray with Jesus on the eve of His greatest victory. That is something I would want to be able to say, that I prayed with Jesus. But because they were asleep, they missed out
Matthew 25: 1-12 the parable of the ten virgins. Yes this parable is so that we do not be caught unawares when Jesus comes, we need to be ready for whenever He comes. Yet I think God also wants to show us that when we fall asleep, we may miss out. In fact we probably will. While we slept, our oil kept supplying the light yet when the time came to celebrate in His return (or revival which is coming – Hallelujah!) we now do not have enough to keep going. Let us be as the wise virgins who, yes fell asleep, but were wise enough to have more to give to their bridegroom.
As a single woman, I am glad that I still have a lot I can give to my future husband. I didn’t squander it in the past so that when I finally meet him, I would be spent. Please understand, I’m NOT saying that the work done before you fell asleep was pointless or that it was squandered! I’m merely saying that now that we know, we can then prepare ourselves as the wise virgins and have reserves for our bridegroom.
I will instead point out the good things for heeding His call to “Wake up!”
Such as:
Joel 3:9-12 He calls us mighty men and women, that we draw near and though we may be weak he calls us strong because it is a time of war! He calls the nations to be wakened so that he may judge all nations.
He calls us yet again. Not only the fact that he calls us but the reason behind it. He calls us mighty men and women! When God calls us it is as He sees us, not as we see ourselves. He wakes us up so that we can draw near! If you have been feeling distant from the Lord, let me encourage you – He is waking you up so that you can draw near to Him! He hasn’t left you, you just fell asleep. Don’t worry, this is the alarm clock and it is up to you – yes you! – to either hit the snooze again or to turn it off and get up and draw near to the Lord. BUT that still isn’t the end! He wakens us because He wants us to say we are strong in the Lord. Since we may not see ourselves as mighty, He wants us to speak out in faith and proclaim “I am strong!”
When the time comes and all who answered the call and allow themselves to be awakened, we will stand together with our God in a valley of His riches while He judges those who did not answer His call.
That’s awesome! Those are all great benefits and perks to have allowed Him to wake us up if we have merely fallen asleep


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