Really real

So what is the opposite of judging? Empathy and understanding. When we lean not on our own understanding of the situation but of what God sees, when we look through heaven’s eyes we begin to understand on a completely different level. Proverbs 3:5
Not one of superiority but of compassion. Yes we may not have chosen to do that specific thing that they did but that doesn’t make your sin any better than theirs. You then see that Jesus had compassion on you, he forgave you, we then need to have compassion on others for the pain they’re going through and forgive them even if they can’t forgive themselves. 1 John 4:18-19; Isaiah 30:18-19
Another huge thing this generation and world is looking for is genuine people. Not brutally honest people – honest yes but you don’t have to beat them up with your biblical honesty Matthew 17:24-27 – They have had enough with the façade that everything is wonderful. Granted, when you spend more time with God you see through heaven’s eyes but it isn’t always that easy. Let us not forget that at one time we all were baby Christians and it is difficult getting your roots soaked and keeping them rooted and not uprooting them in a moment of weakness. Deuteronomy 9:7-11; John 3:16-17
I am going to speak to you as a member of my generation and a participant of this feeling – don’t give me platitudes. You don’t really care or empathize with my feelings or understand what I am going through, don’t just give me an easy answer.
I went through this with a friend, we were both going through extremely difficult times at the same times. They were different issues but we each were feeling extremely down-in-the-dumps. She asked me how I was getting through my issue and I said ‘prayer.’ (Understand I did not even come close to feeling like praying at the time) and she said ‘does it work?’ and I said – honestly this is what I said (or as close as I can get to it as it was several years ago) – ‘honestly, not really. I have not yet seen any answers to my prayers, but I’m praying anyway because God hears me even if I don’t get an answer’ she didn’t reply after that. Revelation 5:8 shows us that our prayers get to heaven and fill bowls like incense at the throne of God
I struggled with my answer for a couple of hours and I asked a different friend who had a different perspective on the situation if my answer would hurt our friend’s situation. She said ‘no, because it helps to know that the solution isn’t always easy and that you don’t always have everything together’
When I was genuine with my friend, even to the point that I didn’t even think my prayers were being heard, she did better for a little bit of time. I’m not sure how she is faring now, but the point is when we are genuine with people about our struggles they respect us a little more. I know it doesn’t make much sense but think of it this way.
CAUTION! Use wisdom with whom you share your short-comings with. Matthew 10:16-17 You wouldn’t want to say ‘I’m having trouble staying true after all these years because I haven’t seen my promises come to be fulfilled yet’ to a baby Christian as they may begin to question their commitment to Christ. But you could say “I remember what it was like for me when I encountered this problem and that it was a big struggle and this is how the Lord helped me through it. I’m not saying it will work for you, but you could try it or ask the Lord for help in this situation because I know it is a toughie but I know that the Lord will help you through it!’ (Or however you wanted – that’s just me)
There are a lot more things that would be indicative of being a ‘real Christian’ but I think these are the biggest hindrances facing us today.
• Let God judge them as He deems and when He deems it is a time of judgment/refining
• Remember the situations you’ve been through and how hard it was to go through it and yet how glorious it was to come out on the other side. Use that to empathize with them and understand what they’re going through.
• With those situations that allow you to empathize with them, tell them – with discretion and wisdom based on whom you’re speaking with it – of your struggles at the time and how God came through for you.
Please remember I love you all and I’m not pointing any fingers at anyone, unless I’m pointing at myself because I still struggle with being fully empathetic or fully understanding of people – sometimes it is my own lack of experience that is the problem – but I also have a hard time with making sure not to judge people, especially when they’re being stupid, and to be genuine with them instead of hiding my true feelings. I am mainly referring to discipleship situations not work day conversations (unless God opens the door for you to speak into their lives)


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