Keeping it real man

What do you think of when you hear being a real Christian?
I think love, empathy, understanding, genuine, actions, peaceful, honest
When I hear someone say ‘oh they are a real Christian’ it makes me think two things: 1) they are spending so much time in the Word and in the presence of God that it shows to even strangers Matthew 7:16-20 and 2)that’s heart breaking that there are two different types of Christians Matthew 13: 29-30
I heard the leader of the A21 Campaign, Christine Caine, at school who is from Australia and she said something that has stuck with me and comes into my memory every so often “In Australia there is none of this being a lukewarm Christian. It is all or nothing, the witness is too important to dilute with being lukewarm” (granted it’s been awhile and I have heard many sermons since then but that is the main message)
There are many people – of all ages – who want it/need it to be real. It is real, they need us to show that it is real. It isn’t just something we do on Sundays and Wednesdays, or something we have kept doing for years and now it is part of our routine and don’t want to change.
They need the real love of God to show through us. No judging – everyone has done stupid things, not always the same stupid things and they may not all have the same consequences, but that does not negate in any way that you cannot say you haven’t done some stupid stuff in your life. It is not our place to judge other people’s sin. Matthew 7:1-5
That’s something I had to learn very quickly about people God put in my life and about my own potential. Now potential can be taken either negatively or positively depending on the context and who you are speaking with. It can be positive for your future career or walk with God OR it can be negative when you think of the potential you have to sin.
I am talking about the second one. I am going to be real and honest with you – the people in my life were messed up. Just about anything bad you could think of, they had done it. I learned quickly that Jesus wanted me to be a part of their lives and they a part of mine so that they could encounter real Christianity. Love that would not judge them for what they had done or were doing. Honesty that would tell them to stop and go to God. Genuine care for them. Romans 3:9, 21-26
I am still a part of their lives – not as much as I would like, but still a portion. I love them very much. Being their friend helped me to realize that everything they had done, I was more than capable of doing that. That may shock you, but scripture tells us all that we have fallen short. Sin is sin and therefore we are all capable, of having the potential to do all the sins.
All that to say, even though this example was of my generation the concept of no judging is applicable to all. God is telling us that is the biggest struggle we have before us as both a church (locally and as a whole body) and as Americans.
Americans are all about judging what status their neighbors are at and getting to that point or better. The church is constantly breaking up into different denominations (Oh, you’re a Baptist? Well I’m AG). We as a church congregation have to realize that we are just as broken as the world, the only difference is we have chosen Jesus to help us in our lives. And just because we have made that choice doesn’t mean we don’t still have the potential to be just as bad as those out in the world.

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