Do not be indecisive

So we know that we are called to be involved in spiritual warfare, but you make the choice whether you are a soldier or a warrior?

There is a difference between the two: a soldier is in it for a short time. They follow orders without much conviction and they will eventually leave the service. Their service is commendable but not life-long.

A warrior will never leave the service. Even when he is physically told to no longer serve, he still serves with his heart. Helps those who are still fighting, they follow orders because they want to serve the higher authority.

How many times have we heard ‘he died a warrior’s death!’ that means that he died doing what he knew in his heart to be true and right. He died protecting that which he always wanted to and did protect.

There are many perversions of being a warrior – the wrong causes – but the attitude is what I’m referring to. We already know we are called by God for his purposes. We have his battleplans already given to us, he gave us the appropriate armor and tools to use to be effective on the battlefield.

The choice is now ours. Do we decide in our hearts to be warriors and follow God’s plan to the very end? Or will we decide that it is too much a commitment and to be just a soldier that sits back until ordered and will give up at some point?

1 Timothy 1:18 and 1 Timothy 6:12 both encourage us to wage good warfare and fight the good fight of faith. 2 Timothy 4:7 states that Paul did that which admonish Timothy to do – showing that he wasn’t afraid to walk the walk and practice what he preached and that it is possible to do that which he was saying.

I’m not saying that we won’t ever not feel like giving up, meaning that there will be times where it is so hopeless it seems that we cannot move forward. That there is no reason to move forward, nothing to look forward to. But I am saying that in those times, that we will remember that which God has placed before us.

We will remember that there are battles to be finalized in Jesus’ name and even though it looks hopeless – God is our hope. God is the victor. He has won for us, all we need to do is listen and follow him wholeheartedly.

I know I’m talking to steadfast mighty men and women of God, but as we near the end of time for it is coming soon, I do not want us to grow complacent. It looks so hopeless out there right now – there seems to be no one out there living a Godly life. They scorn us, call us old-fashioned, intolerant, ignorant, and many other things. It seems hopeless. And yet, God says there is hope. He is our hope and he is coming soon! For that reason alone we should choose to be warriors for Christ.

What does that mean exactly? To be a warrior for Christ.

W. Worshipper

A. Authority (under it)

R. Righteousness

R. Real

I. Influencer NOT influenced

O. On Fire

R. Radical love (walking in)

(The above acronym was from a sermon from a local pastor, Pastor Hackenberg – he came up with the acronym, the following notes/posts are fresh, not taken from his sermon. Just giving credit where credit is due)

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