Let’s finish getting dressed

Here is our attire for battle. Specifically chosen for each part of our body and for our effective ability to wage warfare on the devil.

◾First is the belt of truth (John 8:31-32). It is buckled around your waist. He is telling us what it is, how it should be applied to our person and where it should be applied. A belt shouldn’t go on your forehead or around your wrists or around your ankles. The belt of truth protects our waist, and what is it keeping in place?
◾The breastplate of righteousness is being held up/in place by the belt of truth. The breastplate is a solid unit that is tough to pierce. Our resolution/faith and knowledge of the Word and thereby knowing what is right standing with God (and doing that which we know to be right standing) should be so tough to pierce and solid that it is as one unit protecting your heart and your vital organs. This is held in place by the belt of truth so when we put just these two items on they are both reliant upon each other. The breastplate of righteousness is held in by the belt and the belt is holding in place the breastplate.
◾Having shod your feet with the preparation of the gospel of peace is the next armor piece. Ok so we talked about how we wouldn’t go out in a frilly dress or an expensive tux but we also wouldn’t go out in high heels or dress shoes. You’re going into battle – you wear boots. The correct foot protection is spreading the gospel of peace. It also says preparation – our feet, our method of walking or running or sprinting, we have to prepare them. Our feet take us to where we are going so we need to make sure they are correctly protected and enabled.
◾Above all, taking the shield of faith with which you will be able to extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. Shield – full body shield that you can hide behind when the arrows come. Again God is emphasizing that there is no question, it will come. BUT we have been given a full body shield which can extinguish all the arrows. Arrows are sharp but when stopped by the shield they do no injury. Shields were often soaked before the battle so that if the enemy’s arrows were lit then not only would be the arrow be stopped but the fire as well. Our faith is meant to be our shield, to hide behind when the enemy throws his attacks at us. Our shield is also a way to push back the enemy and to keep moving. It is one that is both defensive and offensive.
◾Take the helmet of salvation – our mind. It is at enmity with God before we ask the Lord to renew it. With our minds, we constantly have to keep it in line with God’s will and under His authority. When the enemy tries to tell us we have no power, or he brings doubts to us – we have to stay under the knowledge that we are saved! We are God’s child and as such we have the use of God’s authority to tell the devil to flee. James 4:7-8 Submit to God, resist the devil, and he will flee. Bring your mind into submission with God and when the devil brings those thoughts – whatever your situation is – you have to resist the thoughts and trust in the Lord. The devil will go away, he has to
◾-and the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God. The sword is sharp, beautiful and deadly. It is sharp to cut away all that is not needed. The Word of God kills all that is unholy and brings out the beautiful parts that are pleasing to God; those which are in right standing with God. The only way to use it effectively is to know the word of God – in both the textual and timely context. We have to be strong in the Lord and in order to do that we need to know His Word, His teaching. Having been rooted in the Word, watered our roots with His teaching.
◾AND pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the saints. Prayer is our final armor piece. Everything so far is somewhat of a physical piece but we are fighting that which is unseen so our greatest weapon is also unseen. The devil hates your prayers – pray more! It says all kinds of prayers (simple and eloquent, long-winded or short and to the point) and requests.
◾Prayer is what makes all that work. Prayer will bring to remembrance the truth from the Word of God. That which God deems as right standing or righteousness, when/how to spread his gospel, prayer will remind you that you are saved, and will build your faith so it is a huge body shield AND drenched in the Living Water.

A piece of advice –be alert! We are standing but we could become complacent, but stay alert. The devil LOVES it when we become complacent, we are easier to fool. But stay alert! Don’t think that he isn’t out to get you – be on your guard, prayed up. Prayed up for yourself and all the saints. Not just the ones you like. All of them. They are just as hated as you are, you’re not receiving special treatment from the devil. This is his treatment of everyone.

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