This is a call to arms

“This is a call to arms” A call to arms by For Today
• Warfare (noun): military service, military life, war; contest, struggle with spiritual enemies
• Warfare (verb): to lead a military life, to carry on continual wars
• So we are called to war – there is no question about whether we are to be warriors or not. If we are Christians, following God’s will, then we are to be warriors.
• There is a target on your back. A price for your spiritual head.
o He doesn’t want us to be prayerful Christians. He does not want us to be bold, Holy-Ghost filled warriors.
o I don’t know about you but when someone wants me to (or doesn’t want me to do something) then that automatically causes me to dig in and do the opposite.
o The devil doesn’t want me to pray? Causes things in my life to overwhelm me to forget prayer – look out buddy. You just opened a can of worms that is gonna get all up in your business.
o God wants us to understand that the devil is a DEFEATED foe. He has already lost. And he is basically throwing a temper tantrum, granted a rather long one but that is all that it is.
o He wants to show God that he isn’t alone in his denial of God and that he isn’t going down by himself. Or so he thinks.
o And God is just waiting till the opportune moment to finalize the punishment. You remember when your parents did the first punishment, you threw your temper tantrum in public no less, and then came the second punishment…at home?
o That’s all this time period is, his temper tantrum with the ride home. His real punishment is coming.
o If you have siblings, and you were just watching the whole thing> You didn’t console your sibling who was gonna get it – nope you egged em on. Whispered words of doom to them just to really bring it home for em.
o Let us whisper – no SHOUT – God’s spoken Word of his demise right in his ear. He is defeated, he is a loser, God is the victor of all.
o Now understand, the devil is trying to get us in trouble in this time of waiting – or the ride home. Our parents often ignored whatever the one in trouble threw out about us (or what we threw out just to get the punishment off us).
o God is different in that he gives us protection and weapons to further drive home the defeat. In order to get in the devil’s business and destroy it to better further God’s glory we of course need armor.
• We aren’t going out in a frilly dress with high heels on. Or (for the guys) with a tux on and uncomfortable dress shoes.
• No, we have a SPECIFIC set of armor given to us by God himself. He knew we would come under attack and he gave us both defensive and offensive measures to use against the devil.


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